Projector PJ-H30

Projector PJ-H30 by Mitutoyo

Projector PJ-H30 by Mitutoyo

Product Description


  • Dramatic increase in the light intensity of a projected image thanks to the new contour illumination optical system (2 times higher than the conventional model in the average intensity of all lenses)*
  • High-accuracy measurement above JIS standard
  • Quick release mechanism on each axis that enables smooth switching between fast positioning and Fine feed
  • Regulated power supply with a soft-start characteristic for maximizing halogen bulb life Bulb slide switching mechanism that allows quick and safe changing of a blown bulb
  • High-visibility digital counter with a large character display (approx. 3.6 times larger than the conventional type in area terms)
  • A model with a high-accuracy edge detector (Opto-eye) is available for effective, manual measurement.
  • Fixed-screen spec models with a performance/cost ratio are available in separate series.


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November 28, 2017